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What is this site about



About the site

  • This is online manuscript management site of Biomedical Journal
  • Why online?

  • Eliminates use of post/courier

  • Manuscripts can be received and processed any time and from anywhere
  • Editors and reviewers can work from any PC
  • Automated e-mail notifications
  • The net result is decreased time in peer review and processing of submitted manuscripts
  • Secure, easy to use

Facilities for authors

  • The system provides facility to submit articles along with images.
  • Once submitted articles can be tracked for their progress during the review process till publication.
  • Comments of the editorial board can be checked from the site and revised articles can be submitted by a single click.
  • Proofs are also managed through this system.
  • Authors can manage multiple submissions from a single user interface.
  • New author registration: If you have not registered with this site before you need to click here or on 'New author registration?' from home page.

Facilities for reviewers

  • The system provides 'anytime' & 'anywhere' access to manuscripts
  • Reviewers have access to a pre-formatted MEDLINE results
  • Can review comments of other reviewers and get feedback on the decision on manuscript
  • Can mark oneself non-available for a particular period
  • If you are a reviewer of the journal and have not received your username and password, please contact us.

New Author Registration

  • Before submitting a manuscript from the site one needs to register with the system.
  • Registration is a two step process.
  • From home page of the site click on 'New author registration?', fill the necessary details.
  • You will receive an email informing that you need to confirm your registration by clicking on a particular URL
  • This second step of confirmation is a must for completing your registration.

Difficulty in accessing
the site

  • Please enable cookies and javascript in your web browser.
  • If you receive a message suggesting an invalid security certificate (due to old web browsers being incompatible with the security certificate) please ignore that.
  • If you have forgotten your password, use 'Forgot Password?' from the home page to receive password in your email account.

More information

  • If you need any help, assistance or more information call us at 91-22-56491818, send a fax 91-22-56491817 or e-mail at biomedj AT mail DOT cgu DOT edu DOT tw
  • To know more about the journal do visit our web site